Mupen64plus controller configs

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    I’ve had many ups and downs with this project the past couple months, but thanks to many of you, I have nearly reached a point of completion…which is pretty good for a 32 yr old jarhead who knows next to nothing about linux!

    The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is the Mupen64plus controls! I only want to play Mariokart and Mario64…configured to my snes usb controller (sounds dumb, but I’m too cheap to buy an N64 usb controller for 2 games). So by following what I read in other threads, this is how I have mupen64plus.cfg from within /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/mupen64plus-rpi:


    # Mupen64Plus SDL Input Plugin config parameter version number. Please don’t change this version number.
    version = 2
    # Controller configuration mode: 0=Fully Manual, 1=Auto with named SDL Device, 2=Fully automatic
    mode = 2
    # Specifies which joystick is bound to this controller: -1=No joystick, 0 or more= SDL Joystick number
    device = 0
    # SDL joystick name (or Keyboard)
    name = “snes”
    # Specifies whether this controller is ‘plugged in’ to the simulated N64
    plugged = True
    # Specifies which type of expansion pak is in the controller: 1=None, 2=Mem pak, 5=Rumble pak
    plugin = 2
    # If True, then mouse buttons may be used with this controller
    mouse = False
    # Scaling factor for mouse movements. For X, Y axes.
    MouseSensitivity = “2.00,2.00”
    # The minimum absolute value of the SDL analog joystick axis to move the N64 controller axis value from 0. For X, Y axes.
    AnalogDeadzone = “4096,4096”
    # An absolute value of the SDL joystick axis >= AnalogPeak will saturate the N64 controller axis value (at 80). For X, Y axes. For each axis, this must be greater than the corresponding AnalogDeadzone value
    AnalogPeak = “32768,32768”
    # Digital button configuration mappings
    DPad R = “”
    DPad L = “”
    DPad D = “”
    DPad U = “”
    Start = “button(9)”
    Z Trig = “button(5)”
    B Button = “button(3)”
    A Button = “button(2)”
    C Button R = “button(1)”
    C Button L = “”
    C Button D = “”
    C Button U = “button(0)”
    R Trig = “”
    L Trig = “button(4)”
    Mempak switch = “key(44)”
    Rumblepak switch = “key(46)”
    # Analog axis configuration mappings
    X Axis = “axis (0-,0+)”
    Y Axis = “axis (1-,1+)”

    …can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Mupen will boot the roms, but I have no control! Oh, and if at all possible…how would I configure the Z button/trigger button to be both L and R at the same time? (can you add hot_keys to these configs?) Thanks for any help

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    There is a file in the muppen64 installdir called InputAutoCfg.ini

    You have to put that settings in that file

    check here

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    Hell yes whise…you really are wise. It worked! Thanks man.

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