Mupen64 Rice and control ps3 (GARSIA) freezes pi

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    Hello guys!
    I switched to PI3 with 3.6! It is not the first time I install retropie, but at the moment I can not turn the rice mupen plugin properly. I have sound but just a black screen with all the roms that need rice (640×480). I have already installed the muppen64 separately from the retropie_setup and ran a full update. unsuccessfully. ngles works perfectly.

    Another strange thing is that I have frezzers if my PS3 controller Cloon is over Bluetotth. And I need to run sudo sixad –start after all restarts in order to connect.

    That’s my config.txt is:
    #GPU Overclock and Tweaks
    gpu_mem = 600
    v3d_freq = 500

    #CPU Tweaks (If you can not get in 1400 to boot stably try 1350)
    arm_freq = 1400
    over_voltage = 6
    temp_limit = 80
    core_freq = 500

    #Ram Overclock
    sdram_freq = 588
    sdram_schmoo = 0x02000020
    over_voltage_sdram_p = 6
    over_voltage_sdram_i = 4
    over_voltage_sdram_c = 4

    #Sound Overclock
    h264_freq = 333

    (temperatures average 52 degrees celsius)

    Someone would have an idea?
    Thank you



    firstly, if you have freezes you shouldn’t be overclocking. take all your overlocks out and see if it still happens. if it still does, it’s probably the bluetooth issue:

    Regular freezes with Raspberry 2&3



    I have heat sinks with sekisui adhesive and acitve cooler 😉 No freezes! Only if bluetooth is connected!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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