Missing emulators?

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    Only apple, ports, and IBM show up.

    Where are the rest? How do I install them/download them?

    I am using a raspberry pi and the 1.3 image.




    Nm I’m an idiot, I guess populating the roms folders makes them all visible.




    I have the exact same problem with mine, I’ve only really had a quick chance to set it up. What exactly did you do to show the rest? I’m a complete newbie to all raspberry pi so I’m not 100% sure on everything. Thanks



    By populating the folders do you mean you added games?



    if you put in a usb memory stick retropie will make a folder called “roms” that will have folders inside for all emulators, all you do is pull it out, hook it up to your pc and ad your rom files in the correct folder and re-insert it into the Pi, it will take a while depending on how many roms you added then restart your Pi and the ones that are compatible will show up, if you do not add any roms to an emulator it will not show up.



    Just put your roms in the home/pi/Retropie/roms/<your system> folder. Retropie scans these folders and won’t create the system entry in the menu if it doesn’t find roms



    Cheers, thanks for all the help. The guide in was following neglected to mention that part.



    Also, when you say insert a memory stick do I need to do anything else? Will ES just automatically add the folder? Sorry for all the questions!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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