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    Anyone know if there is a simple script for retrieving descriptions and such of ROMs?
    I would like my setup to look like this:

    I tried this:

    cd RetroPie/supplementary
    git clone
    cd RetroPie-Setup
    sudo ./
    When the RetroPie setup starts, select the 3rd option, “Setup” (only if you have run one of the installations above) and press enter.

    We need to turn off the EmulationStation on boot for this next part, so go down to the 5th option – “Start Emulationstation on boot?” and press enter.

    Select option 11 – “Run ‘ES-scraper” and press enter.

    At the next menu, select the first option “(Re-)scape of the ROMs directory”, and press enter. If you add more games to your directories in the future, just run this again, and it will download art for all of the missing games.

    But this info is about 3 years old and did not work. Is there any way to do something like this?




    I did all my scraping manually on PC and then transferred everything over to the pi. If you have many roms at all auto scraping will destroy your setup.

    What I mean by this is about 15% of games I’ve found in all my full sets would have been named wrongly with auto scraping. It will rename roms in ES to whatever the scraped data the auto scraper picks is named. Therefore to fix the 15% of games that were chosen incorrectly, you would have to manually load every single rom in your set and then see if the title is correct after looking at the rom in an emu.

    If not, you will have to scrape it manually with the metadata editor, and do this for the rest of said 15%. Manual scraping works out much better, it just takes a lot of time.

    For instance, usually any games with roman numerals or numbers, or similar titles(Castlevania , Castlevania Simons Quest) I can guarantee will be chosen wrongly with the auto scraper.

    If you don’t have many games or many with roman numerals or similar titles, this wouldn’t be an issue and the auto scrapers would work wonderfully.



    Sselph scraper doesn’t do that though, scraping from the main menu does if you set it to not ask you about user conflicts



    Are you telling me Ive been scraping manually for nearly 2 weeks all day and selphs scraper won’t choose incorrectly?



    Yes sir, it won’t find every single game (just like the manual scraper) but it does find a majority and it scrapes them correctly



    I’ve been bad about monitoring the forum. I do my best not to create a false positive. The worst case is that the rom isn’t scraped. In those cases you can use the builtin scraper with the option to only scrape roms with a missing image. this will scrape the roms manually that my scraper couldn’t identify.

    I created the script after manually scraping then realizing I needed to update retropie and had to do it all again. I figured I would save myself from having to do it a third time 🙂 and the last thing i wanted was something labeled incorrectly.




    I just tried scraoping with the one built into retropie/emulation station. I only have a few games but what a MESS!

    Example: I keep several different ro copies of 1943 (some are Jap, some US etc etc) The scraper just renamed the list so that they are all just called 1943 – Battle of midway. Not good.

    Is there a scraper that will leave alone my listing names (and just use the file names).

    Is there a tutorial on how to manually scrape?




    To do it fully manually, which is what you’re going to need for custom names, you need to find images, and manually copy them to /home/pi/.emulationstation/downloaded_images then edit the xml files in /home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists. Make sure to quit elulationstation first, or it will overwrite your changes.

    Unless you mean simply using the scrapeer in ES and approving conflicts, but that’s not going to allow you to easily have custom names on the gamelists.

    Another route, would be to scrape the games via Selph’s scraper, then get the missing info via the ES scraper, and once you have all of that, edit the incorrect games metatdata from the select menu inputting the name you want. Either way, if you want custom names in your gamelist, you need to do it manually.
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