Mapping turbo buttons for NES games

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    I’m quite new to the Raspberry world.
    Few days ago, I’ve purchased a Raspberry PI for the sole purpose of creating a Retro gaming station.

    I’ve installed Retropie and ES. I have basic things up and running. I can play NES games for the most part. And it’s great!

    Now I have a question:

    How can I map turbo buttons on my controller? (ES initial mapping only asked for A and B. No turbo versions)
    Controllers of my original console (some sort of NES/Famicom clone) had A, B buttons and turbo versions for both A and B. (there were buttons above A and B, which acted as turbo versions of the said buttons below)

    How can simulate this behavior on Retropie?



    you can specify a “turbo” button, you have to hold it down and then press the button you want “turbo’ed” lol, you then hold down the turbo button itself i think. i will try some of this out later



    Thank You for the reply!
    Ok. I’ve read that somewhere. And that’s not exactly what I am looking for.

    What I was wondering – can I somehow map a button in a way, so it becomes a turbo-enabled version of an other button?

    For example:
    If I have mapped the button “B” to my controllers button “3”
    Now, can I somehow map a turbo version of the same button “B” to my controllers button “4”?



    I think I’m wondering the same thing:

    Turbo Button Toggle?



    Well. Almost.
    In my case, I’m looking for an option, where the turbo-mode is active only while the button is held-down.

    Press the controller button “3” == NES button “B” pressed
    Press and hold controller button “4” == NES button “B” is repeatedly pressed in turbo mode
    Release controller button “4” == NES button “B” turbo mode stops.



    I have an idea.
    Basically, I’m gonna try to make a python script, that runs in background and does all the button remapping/turbo modulation that I need.

    Will update on progress.



    Hi all – I put together a Mod to allow for Turbo A and Turbo B buttons for the NES. Instructions on how to install it are available on the link below. It basically maps Turbo A and Turbo B to X and Y on the RetroArch controller.

    Here is the link:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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