Managing Expanding Volumes

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    So I thought I figured enough of this out I was gonna start moving roms over. I did that until it ran out of space. Its an 64gb Card with 3 OS’s – OpenElec – Raspbian – RetroPie. But apparently it only see’s 8gb for each OS’s.

    So I have gone in and tried the whole
    run sudo ./
    Expand The file System in the blue screen it gave a error

    Back to command prompt I tried the
    sudo expand_rootfs
    gave error as well

    So I am figuring try gparted maybe? I see a lot of other types of semi tutorials out there for dynamically changing disk sizes but it seems really complicated and I am unconfident in doing it this way. Gparted not much there for it.

    Either way I install gparted from the command prompt and now I can’t do anything. I can not boot raspbian because it says not enough disk space for root file system. If I boot retro pie I get the command prompt but keyboard not recognized.

    So I can’t get in to do much I can SSH in though but still seems odd. So I figure her lets WinSCP into the file system and just delete some roms and reboot.
    Nope the location of the roms is missing. I think I am messed up and I am going to have to redo all this yet again. So now I delete raspbian allowing for space again and the world is happy once again.

    So knowing that disk space for all my OS’s is going to be an issue I need to know and understand how to manage it for all my OS’s on one disk. A disk that is 64gb but each OS only see’s like 7-8gb and it seems like they are all sharing that same 8gb.

    The two default ways in the system do not work through the setup script or by running the command.

    What is the recommended way in which you can manage volumes, since berry boot doesn’t have it built in? Gparted? is there some good tutorials you can point to? Is there by chance any tool that has a menu built in that works?

    I am looking for advice here.. Thanks in advance



    Re-image the SD with the retropie .img then do this first:

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->



    Follow my guide sticky’d at the top of the forum…



    Karlos – what does overclocking have to do with volume management?

    Floob – that’s what I said I already did at the beginning of my post and it didn’t work.

    Is there not a piece of software out there to manage partitions?



    But I cant see where you say you have run “sudo raspi-config” ?
    This has the script all set up for you. If you run that and it gives an error let us know what the error is.
    To be honest if you run that and it errors, I’d be tempted to re-install or check your sd card is known to be working.

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->



    After fresh berry boot install of retropie 2.3
    F4 to exit emulation station
    sudi raspi-config
    choosing expand file system

    /dev/root does not exist or is not a symlink. Don’t know how to expand.



    Think I got this problem solved.

    take your SD card to another pi or same pie but in a reader with the pi booting off a different SD card.

    Boot up Raspbian hit the terminal and
    sudo apt-get install gparted
    will probably give you a sudo dpkg –configure -a run that then the above command
    open file browser /usr/share/applications/gparted <– launch it

    Now choose device and being that the device AKA SD card is not currently in use because you booted off another card… You can unlock the partitions, tell gparted to resize it to the size you want.

    Sad thing is berry boot doesn’t keep a partition for each OS it has loaded. Thus Berry boot is the partition and everything resides on it. So you can not dedicate particular space to an OS.

    Oh one other thing never take up all your HD space if you do everything starts to act really weird and not work. so pay attention to disk space.

    Its resizing now, if this doesn’t work I will follow up with a post otherwise this is the solution.



    Ohh ya worked 52GB’s available ;P



    Obviously I wasn’t talking about the overclocking thread…

    How to run from USB (the best method)

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