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    It is ten years newer than version 37b5.

    It works perfectly with dual core processor arm7 900-1000 mhz and 750 Mb ram.

    About 90% -95% of the games going at full speed. (Those who do not even hacks throw speeds at 100% (Street Fighter 3 or Out Run, for example)

    Over 8000 roms supported.

    This inclusion in Retropie would establish itself as the best way to play emulators on a Raspberry Pi 2.

    The repositories are in

    It is the best and latest mame that for portable systems and does not require too many resources.

    We need this really after the release 37b5 although it is fine for pi, but not making anywhere near the potential Raspberry Pi 2.

    By making a port Pi 2 and forum members please comment that they like the idea, so that the community knows where to direct his steps.

    A greeting and thank all spend a couple of minutes to read this.



    this does sound very interesting!
    have you posted the request on GitHub?

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    I did not ask to github , but contacted Seleuco ( the developer of the fantastic version for android ) but it seems that he has no time to carry , is not even sure to have a Raspberry testing and others.

    But to see if someone can contact him , as it would be of great help when porting because the version of mame 0.139 supports 8000 and 2000 do not appear in the gamelist .

    Your email is .

    It’s the best version of mame for ARM6 processors and arm7 , with this version of cover mame pi win much users , though the full romset are 24 gigas that removing of mahjongs and notworking is 12 gigabytes , luckily there is a app to do it automatically



    What is the difference between iMAME4all and MAME4droid?



    What is the difference between iMAME4all and MAME4droid?

    Mame4all is a port of mame adapted to different devices , mame4droid mame4all is a version adapted for android.

    Why the petition is because the hardware raspberry 2 is very similar to mobile running on a very fluid mame4droid .



    I came here to see if we were talking about updating from the ten year old version of MAME. I’d love to see us incorporate this suggestion.



    Yep, 037B5 is really outdated, and without having to run the latest v1.60, a few steps to a newer Mame version shouldn’t hurt.



    The official nor any 0.160 In this device , or the UN high-end Android device with 2 gb of ram , and one That was rebuilt from 139 System PERFORMANCE, Android Devices But if it works correctly 139 Features SIMILAR the raspberry pi 2



    I totally agree with you, mame is the weakest point in retropie and with this update will be very powerful.



    I’m all for this update if it’s a huge improvement over the current MAME emulation being used. ocbgold is right, MAME is currently the weakest (most finicky) emulator in Retropie.



    I also think this is a great idea. I would love to see a more up to date version of MAME included.



    First excuse my bad english…
    I absolutely agree to this.
    Please add Mamedroid or a MAME Version where we can use all ROMs!



    Yeah this needs to happen or one on the libretro builds



    I agree, I currently have MAME4ALL and Advance MAME romsets and there are compatibility and sound issues on the Pi 2. A more up to date version would be fantastic as it could replace my two MAME sets and FBA.

    A port of one of the newer MAME Libretro cores would be my preference as it would remove the hassle of a separate controller configuration as Emulation Station now does the RetroArch controller configuration on initial set up.




    Sorry for bumping an old post but I thought I would share something I stumbled across online:

    The dude has compiled MAME 0.164 on the Pi but it ran very poorly. Looking through the steps he took to compile, he didn’t appear to add many Raspberry Pi specific flags to the build. It got me wondering if there were any specific flags that could be set that would make it run better (with 0.139 as the source, not 0.164). I have the source code downloaded for MAME 0.139 but I’m not skilled enough to know how to build it specifically for the Pi (if indeed you can even do that?), but I thought this may help if there was someone else out there who was able to try?

    Just a thought anyway – I would love to see MAME 0.139 on the Pi too!

    All the best,



    this thread is a bit difficult to follow but generally speaking later versions of mame will run worse as the emulation becomes more accurate (heavier load). I’m not convinced this would be the panacea for perfect mame on the pi.

    we already have a libretro version of imame4all on the pi, so if someone really wanted to get this later version merged in, they could do that without the original developers help (don’t email them if they’ve already said they can’t do it!!). first step would be to get it off google code and onto GitHub.



    hi …
    is possible add this emulator in the next version of retropie …?



    Current builds of MAME are not too hard to compile for Pi2, but as my post shows they are pretty unusable. Older builds do not build as cleanly as the new ones do, it was only recently that SDLMAME was incorporated into the main MAME source, prior to that there was a patch for each version, I’ve had no luck getting a clean build for v.111 (the earliest version the patches exist for).

    I’m not sure v0139 is going to be usable, v106 (a-la AdvanceMAME) does not even run at full speed for most roms (even space invaders has a frameskip of 1 on an overclocked pi2) I suppose if the author of this build has put in some ARM specific optimizations it may run a bit faster; we should try to build it and see if it is.

    Raspberry Pi 2 + Retropie3.2.1 + 2 x PS3 Wireless + Logitech K400



    …..I see there are a few new additions to the RetroPie Setup Script you may want to check out!

    lr-MAME2003 (0.78)
    lr-MAME2010 (0.139)
    lr-FBA-Next (based on MAME romset 0.161)

    Happy days! I am installing now and will test some roms when its finished compiling! I’m sure I shouldn’t build my hopes up too much, after all it is still a Raspberry Pi and not a cutting edge PC, however even if it just adds a few more playable games (or improvements to existing games) then thats great!



    where do we copy the roms for 0.139 to on the device? same folder as the old set ?




    Thanks for the link, i asked the question when it started to compile/install it took hours and saw the new folder once it had completed. Its a great work in progress however games that used to be ok seem not to run and games like Salamander 2 which should be ok as Salamander 1 is are also a bit slow.

    Still great progress though 🙂

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