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    I initially installed RetroPie, then after encountering a few issues I blew away the sdcard and started over. One thing I noticed (or at least I am pretty sure was the case) was that the first go-around I don’t recall seeing any of the Mame left-right warnings. However, on the second setup (which has fixed virtually all issues!) I am getting the warnings. Any way to turn these off other than via a recompile? If not, what version of mame should I be recompiling for if I used the image “RetroPieImage_ver1.9.1.img”?

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    You can try going into the mame.cfg and there should be an option to skip the warnings.



    Do you know if it was the same mame emulator in your old image as the 1.9.1?

    I saw these left-right to continue messages in all my games when using the retroarch mame emulator that came with retropie 1.9.1 but never after switching to mame4all_pi.



    I would presume it was the same. I used the same img file. However, I am not familiar with how to switch to mame4all_pi from the existing one. Any chance you have a link to that? I’m assuming there is a config file that I need to update?



    I did this just days ago so I’ll try to scribble it down, I’m going from memory alone here so check the spelling on the paths if it won’t work, and it’s not the cleanest install with all the figures in the path, but here you go anyway

    First I downloaded the from the official website

    Then I uploaded it to /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators and unzipped it from cli

    And unzipped the new file
    cd mame4all-pi-ea85746014e2

    Ran the install file to get the folder and cfg files

    Uploaded some roms to the roms folder and tried them
    ./mame (filename without .zip)

    Exit with ESC

    I edited es_systems.cfg

    cd /home/pi/.emulationstation
    Sudo nano es_systems.cfg

    Where the mame info is, just put # infront of the existing lines to make it easier to switch back, and add the new ones
    COMMAND=/home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/mame4all-pi-ea85746014e2/mame %BASENAME%

    Started emulationstation

    Started a game
    Edited the config for the 360 joypad with TAB and selected input general
    Added Exit on start+select
    Menu on guide button


    And finally lots of gamelist.xml editing to get the cover and description

    Done 🙂



    Thank you so much – that did the trick! I appreciate the time you spent documenting this!

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