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    Hi everyone: I’m running MAME Libretro and it keeps getting stuck when loading games that have previously loaded correctly. It gets stuck prior to loading the Rom. A yellow message pops up at the bottom stating “Starting movie record to “home/pi/RetroPi/roms/mame-libretro/gamename.srm.bsv” and will not progress into loading the Rom.

    The directory contains the file, and it has size, but after loading a game once it seems to get stuck every single time, even after soft and hard reboots. I was planning on deleting the file and trying again, but that would mean I may have to delete the file every single time I play a game, which would be a pain.

    Any ideas? I have no desire to record gameplay, so the feature isn’t necessary for me. I looked at the retroarch.cfg in the mame libretro directory, but noticed that all recording options were either commented out or disabled.

    I’m running retro pie 3.2.



    having a look at the libretro wiki, it looks like this behaviour can be triggered with the -R or –bsvrecord command line argument. you can see if this is happening for you by copy and pasting the /tmp/runcommand.log file after you load a game. it’ll show the entire launch command for the emulator.

    if that is happening it’s very odd that retropie would be launching with either command, unless -R used to do something else and you’ve updated retroarch?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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