MAME + Streetfighter II Card Corruption

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    So I noticed running an older 8 GB Kingston MicroSD card (class 4), I consistently kept getting card corruptions. The PS3 controllers would stop working and rebooting would just get to the main screen of Emulation Station and sit there.

    Re-formating and reloading a new Retropie 3 Image would solve the problem. So I switched to a faster class 10 card and played a ton of MAME games today. Then after a few minutes of Street Fighter, the crash happened again. Unplugged the Pi 2 and powered it up and screen threw a ton of errors. Mostly waiting for I/O and timing out.

    Do you think it’s Street Fighter 2 that is causing this corruption or does the Pi 2 just do not like Kingston micro SD cards?

    Funny thing is, played SF 2 for a couple of hours on the first day and nothing happened.

    Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue? I am reloading Retropie 3 yet again.



    Update. I just re-set up Retropie 3 and everything seems well. I loaded all MAME ROMS on and left it alone. Returned an hour later and all controls, including both PS3 controllers and keyboard is not responsive. I do see the Retropie in Windows Network so it’s still running.

    What could be the problem here? The 2 PS3 controllers both have the blinking light as if it is not recognized any more. Odd thing is, even the keyboard is not responsive.

    How do I trouble shoot this?

    Could it really be the Kingston 32 GB MicroSD card? It’s a second one that I tried already.



    Are you over-clocking your PI2?
    Running 500MHz on the SDRAM is not stable on some PI2s and should be dropped to 483MHz (or possibly up the SDRAM over voltage). To high clock on SDRAM typically manifests itself with SDcard corruption.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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