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    Yes this is my 3rd post on this …and I aks on behalf of Arrenone whom is havign the exact same problem.

    Solutions have been offered but the more progress i make the more “in mud” i get. I need to focus attention elsewher ein my life but this “small” problem is ALL consuming.

    OK, running a Pi 2b retro Image 3+

    I had ALL working perfectly, re imaged now ALL Emulators great with PS3 controller BUT MAME nothing, if I use the TAB otion (GEneral) to assign keys it doesn’t register the Gamepad.

    Someone suggested going to an other emulator such as lr-imame4all ..did that no trouble BUT since my PS3 doesn’t have a hotkey to assign coin/start game (default keys 5 and 1 in MAME) I couldn’t start a game to test the sucess…ALSO the others listed under the GitHub such as Lr-MAME2003/2010 they are not there ..where are these?

    Someone then suggested ASSIGNING hot keys to this (makes sense!!) But can not for the life of me find my PS3 config file, I have found some in opt/retro../supplementary but they do not have a list of moves/keys.

    SO my questions are where is this file AND What is the code should i wish to assign L1 button to insert coin and R1 to start game.

    Hope to be able to sleep again soon…



    For mame4all, try re-installing the binary from menu 5 in the retropie setup script.

    For lr-mame4all, the default config for your PS3 controller is in the /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads folder.

    By default, the select button inserts coins. To remap to L1, you can add the line

    input_player1_select_btn = "10"

    to the file /opt/retropie/configs/mame-mame4all/retroarch.cfg.

    More info at't-Insert-Coins%3F

    You can install mame-2003/2010 from the retropie setup script.



    dudleydes you are SOOOOOOO the man (or the woman! if you are a lady!) …it works…it works it works…

    I did a re install from the binary and it seems to have picked up the controller.

    Thank you so much mate, right, now i need to get on with other life stuff ! ;0)

    Cheers again and a Merry Christmas !

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