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    In all but MAME, my games fit my screen (7″ TFT with HDMI)
    In MAME, I have about a 1″ border left and right but the top and
    bottom fits OK.
    I guess that’s the native MAME aspect ratio but is there a way
    to strech MAME games to fit?




    If they are vertical scrolling games (1943 etc.) Its unlikely that you’ll be able to get a fullscreen (plus it would look wonky to make a vertical game wide screen- the airplanes would end up looking like tanks) but for games that aren’t vertical, mess around with the video settings by pressing m or x right before your ROM loads (if you are on image 2.4 or later) floob shows how to use it in this video:

    There may also be an issue with black borders for your whole system and this video shows how to remove them here:



    Thank you..
    That’s given me some things to look into.
    The borders are only there on MAME games so will look into
    that “m or x” setting…

    Appreciate the help


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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