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    today i got my gpio Adapter 😀 it is really amazing. Emulators work fine the snes pads too. Still i have a few minor issues to be completely satisfied.


    1. the snes pads don’t seem to work properly in the selection screen. D-pad works fine but i cant start a game by pressing A or any other button (need to use keyboard). In game everything works fine


    2. to navigate through the selection screen i need to use my second controller.  First controller does nothing.


    3. I can not find any way to set the button on the gpio adapter (reboot button would be awesome)





    1. + 2. It sounds as is data 1 and data 2 have to be swapped. You need to delete ~/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg to make ES ask you again for mapping joypad buttons.

    3. to use the button I recommend using SNESDev. You can configure it via the setup menu from the RetroPie Script.

    Hope that helps!



    thanks for the help i fixed problem 1 i now can use the snes pad to navigate through the emulationstation and start games. But it works only with one adapter. If i connect my controller to the other adapter i can´t set the buttons (second adapter works fine ingame). When i start up a game the controller is set as second player and i have to switch the controller .

    3. i cant find any setup for the button in the script am i missing something?





    I believe only first player can navigate Emulation Station.

    As for your controllers being switched in game, open up the ReroArch.cfg file and make sure that input_player1_joypad_index = “0″ and input_player2_joypad_index = “1″.

    Sometimes the 1 and 0 get flipped which screws it up.



    Hey in the RetrArch.cfg  everything was set the way you said so i tried the other way around still does not work for me any other ideas?



    Just to make sure: You need to edit /home/pi/RetroPie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg.

    The menu entry Setup > SNESDev allows you to configure SNESDev such that it only polls the button. Currently, it is not possible to customize the button configuration, which is described in detail at



    thanks i changed the wrong retroarch.cfg now the controller work fine 🙂 still there is one problem the restart with the button does not work properly. The raspberry tries to restart but the resolution now is set really low and emulationstation does not start up :/



    i figured it out everything works now 🙂



    Glad to hear!
    How did you solve your problem?



    i wasnt sure what should happen after 5 pressese i thought it would be a reboot ^^ my foult 🙂

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