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    I made an installer to make limelight installing to RetroPie and integrating it to Emulation Station as easy as possible:

    Hope this helps someone out 🙂



    The final version of the installer is now ready:

    This integrates Limelight and controller/ip reconfig directly to the “devices” part of Emulation Station

    Here how it looks when used:



    that seems very nice! i’ll try it. thank you for sharing!



    Any feedback will be welcome



    does this still work in 3.0 beta? Anyone tried it.



    Yes it does, the video was actually shot on the 3.0 beta.



    Here actually an updated version of the script that makes it work a little better:

    The updated script now includes the newest version of limelight, which fixes some controller trigger issues that people have encountered.



    Hey Astiasto,

    Thanks so much for this, it is awesome! I had a few troubles with permissions during the install but sorted it out no probs, not sure if how I did it was correct but it worked.

    I also made a setup tutorial which I hope you don’t mind me doing. You can view it below, and I hope I pronounced your name correctly. Let me know if you want to edit the description or links to your liking:



    Looks really good! I have no PC with steam and a geforce atm, so i cannot test. Do you mind if i make a retropie module of your script?



    gizmo98 – please do – author seems happy for that in






    I followed these steps on retropie 3.0 beta 3. And now im getting this error: limelight connection refused

    Here’s the screenshot I tried twice.



    Isn’t Limelight a bit of a poor choice as it needs Java when Moonlight Embedded is designed for Pi and similar devices. Haven’t seen a guide for Moonlight here yet?



    I agree with methanoid ; using limelight-embedded is pointless when it has as far as I can tell been discontinued and superseded by moonlight-embedded (renamed version ,written in C instead of Java).

    Some of us are already using moonlight so perhaps I can look at the installer script and update/send a pull request for moonlight. I’ve set mine up though so I only have to use use the keyboard once – not sure what his installer does with respect to storing ‘paired’ computers. IMO if it doesn’t store the IP to be used later it is also a bit useless usability wise.

    i think moonlight is a bit low on people’s priority lists though (most I think are using retropie for retro games, not modern games) which is a bit of a shame considering you can run so much via the Steam interface.

    Mine currently runs Steam, Dolphin and Origin games at 720P through moonlight for example. My only problem so far is getting 4 controllers to work 🙁



    Adcooney, thanks, would appreciate a guide if you have yours set up even it is not via a nice easy script! It’s my plan to have RetroPie with a Kodi menu item and a Moonlight stream menu item. Then I can leave it in Kodi for the missus and jump to do some gaming myself every now and then (retro or modern).



    Moonlight – Tutorial for Steam and Dolphin streaming to Pi

    I wrote that a week ago. To be honest after reading it its not the clearest thing in the world mostly because of the amount of ‘links’ I referred to.

    I also build from source but as far as I know there is a debian package that can be installed for moonlight via

    apt-get update
    apt-get install moonlight-embedded

    The rest of that tutorial basically tells you:
    * how to build moonlight from source
    * How to set your pc to have a static ip (so its always remembered)
    * How to configure emulationstation (although ive not put in my theme files I made)
    * How to configure Steam
    * How to add and configure Dolphin (gamecube/wii emulator) on Steam



    Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Steam Machine with Moonlight

    This guide looks good for setting up moonlight.



    the package moonlight-embedded doesnt exist on any of the retropie repo’s. Any chance you could point to a repo that does?

    I’m trying to compile my own version, on a fresh build of Retropie, but its failing. Last time i tried it it worked fine at compiling but on this i’m getting a shed load of dependancy issues which I can’t work out how to resolve.

    -- Could NOT find CEC (missing:  CEC_INCLUDE_DIRS CEC_LIBRARIES) (Required is at least version "3.0")
    -- Found PkgConfig: /usr/bin/pkg-config (found version "0.26")
    -- checking for module 'libevdev'
    --   found libevdev, version 1.4.4
    -- checking for module 'libudev'
    --   found libudev, version 175
    -- checking for module 'sdl2>=2.0.4'
    --   package 'sdl2>=2.0.4' not found
    -- checking for module 'libavcodec'
    --   package 'libavcodec' not found
    -- checking for module 'libavutil'
    --   package 'libavutil' not found
    -- checking for module 'libswscale'
    --   package 'libswscale' not found
    -- Looking for include file pthread.h
    -- Looking for include file pthread.h - found
    -- Looking for pthread_create
    -- Looking for pthread_create - not found
    -- Looking for pthread_create in pthreads
    -- Looking for pthread_create in pthreads - not found
    -- Looking for pthread_create in pthread
    -- Looking for pthread_create in pthread - found

    any ideas?

    edit: found the repo and now installed fine.
    deb wheezy main

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