Lightgun support?

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    Is there any support for a lightgun on the Raspberry pi and the Retropie?




    I’m not sure if you are aware the light gun will not work on HD tv’s you must have an old style tv to use the light gun. this fact annoys me because i see people selling thees kits at like the mall and markets and they are using the old tv’s and they don’t tell people they don’t work on hd tv’s which 99.5% of people own



    There are some newer version light guns which use an infrared receiver similar kinda like a wiimote or kinect so that they will work on newer televisions- but it is highly doubtful emulators will be programmed to support those drivers out of the box. I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting a light gun to work with the raspberry pi- not to say it isn’t possible but I just haven’t seen anyone solve it yet.

    There are light guns such as this which are far too expensive in my opinion- not to mention they only work on windows

    What would be brilliant is if someone was able to hack together an infrared receiver that would allow any remote to be used as an effectual light gun.



    It would take some doing on the software side, but I have heard of someone using the IR camera of an actual Wiimote as a receiver, and an IR light pen to make a 2d whiteboard. The Wiimote is placed above the TV, facing you, and the pen to “draw” on a virtual screen.



    Naturally, this is accomplished using a PC, something with more Horsepower than a Raspberry PI, but if you have a Wiimote, a USB Bluetooth adapter, some coding know-how, and a lot of time on your hands, well, by all means, go for it…



    there are drivers for a g-con within the setup menus, has anyone tried this via a psx – usb converter ?

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