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    I’m a college student with a ton of debt. I was planning on making a few portable retropies to sell and pay off some of my debt while I’m still studying. Of course I would not be supplying any ROMS with them. My question is, aside from ROMs, is there any other legal issues I should be informed of before deciding to take on this little side job?



    the BIOS should also be illegal to sell (for some systems).



    From what I see in the license agreement:

    There should be no legal issues with doing this (provided you do not provide ROMs/BIOS).
    That being said, selling open source code that you did not create is generally frowned upon.

    Granted that is only the license for the RetroPie code. You would have to look at Emulationstation licenses as well to be sure.



    The licence we have is for our source – emulators have their own licence. The MAME licence does not allow MAME to be sold for example.



    I’m pretty sure retroarch is against selling there source as well. I remembered reading something about retroarch having problems with retron using there codes and sources for their merchandise.




    Looks like I’ll find some other way to make some extra money. Thanks for the feedback guys, I almost stepped in a minefield there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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