LED lights turn on but nothing shows up

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    So I download the image, unzip it, write it to the SD card using win32 Disk Imager, it writes.

    I plug the SD card into the Pi and boot it up. The red LED turns on verifying its on, but nothing shows up on the screen.

    HDMI is hooked up, SD card is fine. I’ve already downloaded PIMAME on this card and used this Pi to boot it up and it worked but RetroPie is more user friendly so I formatted to card and went with retropie.

    I’ve seen another person have this problem, but was not solved. I am a NOOB and hoping that its something simple I am not doing.



    just in case anyone has this problem. For some reason retropie on raspberry pi doesn’t have a large enough output signal through HDMI for all tv’s/monitors. It stinks because it doesnt work with the tv that i wanted it to, but sure enough when i hooked it up to another tv, it recognized the input.



    you can try adjusting this setting in /boot/config.txt

    config_hdmi_boost	configure the signal strength of the HDMI interface. Default is 0. Try 4 if you have interference issues with hdmi. 7 is the maximum. 


    i really appreciate that, i’ll give it a shot

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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