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    First of all: Hello!

    I’m a newbie on raspberry and linux stuff so maybe I’m doing some basic errors, let me know please.

    I bought recently Raspberry PI 1 B+ and I decided to run on it RetroPie 3.0 for Raspberry 1.
    I’ve installed OS on my SD card and in works superb on my TV connected via HDMI.
    Next, I thought I’ll build a hand-held console with RPi so I obtained WaveShare SpotPear 3.5” LCD screen – first boot-up after attaching it – white screen – ok as I read typical error because I didn’t have drivers on my OS.
    I’ve tried this tutorial up to 4th step: and I had to change data for my screen type so I looked in sencond tutorial ( )
    and added to sudo nano /etc/modules those to lines:

    flexfb regwidth=16 nobacklight init=-1,0xb0,0x0,-1,0x11,-2,250,-1,0x3A,0x55,-1,0xC2,0x44,-1,0xC5,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,-1,0xE0,0x0F,0x1F,0x1C,0x0C,0x0F,0x08,0x48,0x98,0x37,0x0A,0x13,0x04,0x11,0x0D,0x00,-1,0xE1,0x0F,0x32,0x2E,0x0B,0x0D,0x05,0x47,0x75,0x37,0x06,0x10,0x03,0x24,0x20,0x00,-1,0xE2,0x0F,0x32,0x2E,0x0B,0x0D,0x05,0x47,0x75,0x37,0x06,0x10,0x03,0x24,0x20,0x00,-1,0x36,0x28,-1,0x11,-1,0x29,-3 width=480 height=320
    fbtft_device name=flexfb speed=16000000 gpios=reset:25,dc:24

    and ‘hurray’ the LCD screen started to work but it automatically logged me to command line (strange though while plugged to TV at the same time it boots to Emulationstation and shows the GUI at startup.
    However I used command ‘startx’ on my LCD to run GUI and that’s the result – white command line (screen: (emulationstation command doesn’t work either).
    What am I doing wrong?
    Second question:
    How to get it work to start automatically with EmulationStation on startup on the LCD screen?
    Thank you in advance for any tip and information 🙂

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