latest version for RP2, Updates?!

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    I’ve installed the build from approx. 6th/7th February, which “Buzz” has put there on the server.
    Thanks to Buzz for all of your work.
    So I’ve read, that the N64-Emulator maybe has some problems.
    But I didn’t use it.
    Also I read, that there can be done some updates?!
    So I want to ask if updates can be done or when there is a new version, if I must overwrite it each time on my SD-Card and configure all new.
    So if there is an update function, I can start with configuring the software.
    Or is there planed a fixed image in the near future?



    As the software is constantly being updated, there will always be something going on and always another update to do, but it isn’t necessary to reimage your sd everytime there is an update.
    The way you update is

    cd RetroPie-Setup
    sudo ./

    then you update the setup script and then you can select install from binary or install from source for each emulator (binary is much faster but may not be as updated, building from source takes a long time but you get the latest updates)



    If you switch from RP1 to a RP2, can you use the same SD card and just update the script or would you have to reimage the whole thing?



    RPi 2 builds a lot faster.



    answered my own question. RP2 doesn’t even start up when you switch the SD card from the RP1 to it. Guess I am starting from scratch.



    Thank you.
    I didn’t update from RP1.

    @herbfargus: So can I upload via internet or must I have the updated files?
    There are only updates for the emulators or for the main system?



    The main updates typically involve the emulators as code is improved, emulation station usually stays pretty much the same. You’ll need to be connected to the internet when you update but the easiest way to update things will always be through the setup script.



    When I have a good running system, is it then needless to update it (I know: “Never update a running system”… 🙂 ).
    But maybe there are a lot of bug fixes?
    So maybe if I update the system, will then the DAT-files (for example for Mame) change and is there the risk, that a lot of games then will not run anymore, because of a changed dat-file/rom-set-needed?



    But how is it possible to see if an emulator is updated ?

    The setup script doesn’t tell me if the emulators are neweer than the versions already installed.



    Anyway: as soon as the new setup is up and running, make sure to create a backup on your PC (with or without roms, that’s up to you).

    When done, you can try out any updates you want, and in case of a severe malfunction, simply restore the working backup to your SD card.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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