Keyboard issues in Dosbox

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    I am using a Raspi 2B with the latest RetroPie SD card image. I got pretty much everything to working so far, but I have one big issue with Dosbox: The keyboard (even in the initial DOS prompt) only works somewhat:
    – No matter whether I set the English or German keyboard layout (keyb gr), “z” is always in the bottom left and “y” in the upper middle (i.e. US layout)
    – Special keys öäü and the “?ß\” key don’t work – which is particularly bad because I can’t do a backslash.
    – No matter the keyboard layout in Dosbox, the characters above the numbers are always from the German layout.

    My Linux is configured to using the German keyboard layout (with raspi-config), which works fine everywhere else. I’ve attached my /home/pi/.dosbox/dosbox-SVN.conf

    Does anybody else have a similar problem or have an idea how to fix this?




    So as it turns out, Dosbox seems to be confused by a German keyboard layout on the Raspberry Pi. So the way to “fix” this issue is to set the keyboard layout to US English in raspi-config. Then “keyb gr” in Dosbox correctly sets the German keyboard layout within Dosbox and all keys work.

    Does anybody have an idea why this is?



    You have to edit the dosbox-SVN.conf! Set usescancodes=true to usescancodes=false. You might also change keyboardlayout=auto to keyboardlayout=gr too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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