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    Hi everybody I am new to all things RetroPie and RP but im working It out slowly. Here is the situation I have built my own USB NES controller out of an old NES controller and the PCB from an old USB keyboard…. Basically I traced out the traces on the keyboard and then soldered the corresponding contacts to the buttons on a NES controller PCB so when you press a on the controller you are pressing a on the keyboard It works flawlessly in all matters of functionality however I cannot figure out how to setup a button press combination to exit the emulator I have tried adding the following to the retroarch.cfg but no luck so far

    #input_enable_hotkey_btn = d
    #input_exit_emulator_btn = kp_enter
    (select button is mapped to “d” and start is mapped to kp_enter)
    I think it may be an issue with the default keyboard settings but basically what I want is to hold select(d) and press start(kp_enter) and exit the emulator…. any help would be great.



    I managed to get it working i realized that keyboard commands do not use “_btn” in the cfg file so all I had to do was delet “_btn” and it worked like a charm

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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