Joystick sending multiple actions with a single click? (2.4.2)

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    I did a fresh install of 2.4.2 and emulation station is working for my joystick (a Xin Mo PCB with Seimitsu Joystick / Happ Buttons). MAME is also working for my joystick. However, when I go into retropie-setup and try to register retroarch controllers, the joystick acts like it is sending multiple commands with a single click. For instance, when the config says ‘press up’ and I move the joystick up, it clicks, but on screen it registers additional clicks so fast that it burns through ‘press down’, ‘press left’, ‘press right’, ‘press a’ etc. It’s like the joystick is in turbo mode. I have no issues in ES / MAME / V2.3 Retroarch with the same joystick setup.
    Any thoughts on why Retroarch is registering multiple clicks?

    Additionally, for 2.4.2, the Retroarch registration saves to THTHT2PlayerArcade.cfg (or something similar)… is this where the config file should be saving to at the end? When I go into SNES, after registering RetroArch (and manually correcting the cfg file due to the issue above), the buttons do not match up to what is in the THTHT2PlayerArcade.cfg file.



    Same here, but I think the xin-most joystick is sending the same “turbo” joystick movements in mame as well, because when playing a test game (donkey kong) Mario moves really slow and jerky, as if the right and left movements are being repeated over and over.

    The weird part for me is that after coming into retropie from a fresh flash of the sd card, everything seems fine, but when I come back to it after a couple hours the UI movement is uncontrollable as you described, sending multiple up/down/left/right actions for every joystick movement.




    Hi Guys, exactly the same problem here, running the 2.5 Beta build of RetroPie as i have a RPi2, did you guys manage to find a solution at all ?




    Im having the same issue. Would love to hear if anyone has some ideas/Things to try out.



    Same here. Downgraded to an older version and working fine. Just the latest image that does not work.



    Hi m312,

    mine is doing the same thing, and I’m pretty sure its because what i did below earlier tonight:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    how do yo downgrade to an older version??



    seems like this has also been raised on another raspberrypi forum.

    Apparently a solution has been found and its now recognised at 2 controllers instead of the one, which is actually a bit strange because since the issue started, i was able to control Emulation Station with the Player 2 Joystick as well. I just hope all of this gets fixed soon.



    I think I found a fix. I can’t say for sure it’s the correct fix or not, but this sounds very similar to what I was dealing with. Unfortunately I didn’t really know what to search for when I started looking. Autofire seemed to be the most logical to me, but anyway. This will involve a kernel compile.

    Here is the thread I started with the fix I found.

    Autofire on the axis



    Thanks feederchain, I read through the posts in your link and everyone seems happy with the results, well done. I wont be home until Sunday night, so ill let you know how i go next week.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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