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    Hi there, I’ve built my lad an arcade machine for Christmas. Its a Pi 2 Model B with MAME and unfortunately a Xin-Mo USB Interface. I’ve managed to do a few of the tutorials to make the USB device recognise as 2 joypads and get the controls some what sorted out.

    Basically I’ve used the start button to bring up the menu where you hold a button to configure your controls and it works to some extent.
    When outside of a game P1 joystick Left/Right & Up/Down are inverted. But P2 is fine.
    When inside a game P1 is inverted like above but P2 is fine.

    Could someone please explain the reason? Forgive me I’m new to Pi’s and Linux and so don’t know very much terminology or commands etc. So if you could, could you dumb any answers down for me? lol

    I’ve heard of various configuration files that can be edited but I don’t know the difference. The EmulationStation/es_inputs.cfg, the retroarch/config.cfg and I’ve also had a message pop up saying opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/Xin-MoXin-MoDualArcade.cfg…… which ones am I supposed to be editing for “Out Game” and “In Game”?. Once again sorry for my lack of knowledge lol. It’s very painful writing this haha

    Any help would be amazing as I’m desperate to get it working soon so I can reassemble it ready for xmas.

    Thank You In Advance, This forum has already been a godsend!

    P.S Please See attached image for my setup. I have now got LED Strips in the top Part, with a glass panel with my sons name written on it in SEGA text. It’s certainly getting there I Just need this final niggle sorted lol

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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