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    I don’t know if its just me as I’m quite new to all this, but to set the scene:

    In the last few weeks I’ve bought 2 x Pi 2s and have been learning the Linux commands and configuration etc (I’m a Windows guy and have never touch Linux before).

    But basically, my process has been NOOBS > Raspbian > RetroPie setup script, probably about two weeks ago I went through that process and had it all working fine. However, I wanted to do some more configuration (static IPs, changing hostname, setting up SAMBA shares etc) so I ended up formatting and starting all over again.

    However, to my surprise if I follow EXACTLY the same process again (NOOBS > Raspbian > RetroPie setup script, firstly I get an error about it not being able to install something in related to the PS1 emulator (not too bothered about), but essentially none of the ROMs load, they attempt to load but then return to the ROM selection screen.

    I’ve just tried installing the v2.5 RetroPie image directly (as v2.3 doesn’t even boot on my Samsung 64GB cards) and that works perfectly, but I’m guessing this doesn’t have Raspbian behind the scenes as when I go to startx it doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything.

    Are there issues with the RetroPie setup script (download?) or is it just me?



    It’s better to use Win32 Disk Imager to install from the images on this site in the downloads section, I’ve found. It simplifies the whole process.

    I used the 2.3 image.

    RetroPie Downloads
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    That’s what I’m using, but as said v2.3 won’t even boot on my cards (this doesn’t seem to be that uncommon looking around either).

    My real interest is in the RetroPie setup script, as seemingly this is what I’m after (so that I can retain the full use of Raspbian) but it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment? For example, SNES roms were working perfectly fine 2 weeks ago, now they don’t at all.



    I guess I just skimmed the OP and missed that part. It’s strange, I’m also using a 64GB Samsung SD card and had 0 issues getting retropie to boot.

    The one I’m using looks like this:

    (I am using the B+ though, not a PI 2)
    ^^ my other hobby



    Yeah that’s the one, 2.3 won’t boot at all. 2.5 boots fine but like I say I want full Raspbian as well because at very least I want better access and control of the Rom shares (to sync between the 2 Pis) and hopefully further down the line have them configured on AD (something I have been playing with also).

    I’m assuming if you use the RetroPie image Raspbian is a cut down version without the additional packages (no GUI for example it seems)



    I think what you are referring to when you say raspbian is the LXDE GUI (which was removed starting with version 2.4 to trim unnecessary bloatware.) As far as I understand it retropie is still built on raspbian but just lacks the GUI.

    Starting with a fresh 2.5 image, to get the GUI back:

    Sudo apt-get install lxde

    Then you should be able to open like you used to with startx.

    PS. The reason 2.3 won’t boot on your cards isn’t an issue with your cards. The 2.3 image isn’t optimised for the newer processor of the model 2 raspberry pi. It works fine on the raspberry pi B+.

    PPS. I would also look into using winscp if you like the whole windows type looking through folders thing. I used to use the GUI but I’ve replaced it with learning the terminal and occasionally utilising winscp.



    Many thanks I’ll take a look at that and report back how I get on, I have been using WinSCP but am finding in reality it doesn’t work too well (complaining about lack of space or permissions) my goal is to have the file structure open and accessible to Robocopy which will run from a Windows server to sync save games and Roms between the two Pis nightly or on demand.

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