Issue with SNES Emulation…HDMI?

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    I am having a problem with emulation when it comes to playing SNES games. This is not limited to one ROM, but all of them. The quality of the game play looks to be good, with the exception of blue lines running horizontally on the left, and blue static (?) throughout the picture. This is not experienced with other day to day uses. However, I haven’t been able to test emulation on other consoles. I’ll try to do that today. During this game play is fine, but the screen cut to black for a second or two, then will return. During this the game is apparently still in play.

    Now from the last part there, I have a feeling this has something to do with the GPU or HDMI not being able to keep up. I am running a rev B, with RetroPie 1.9.1 image with no addons. GPU Memory has been set to 256mb, and the Pie has been soft-overclocked to 950mhz.



    Sure sounds like an hdmi issue (cable or one of the ports). Maybe try a different cable or a different port on the tv/monitor? You could also using the composite out on pi.



    Pretty sure it’s not an issue with the cable or port. It was tried with the same cable and port that I typically use with my Blu-ray player. Composite would be an option, however I’d like to keep this on HDMI if possible, I would need to install ports and cabling in the case for video/audio. Considering this is in an NES case, I’m wanting to keep it as streamlined as possible. Another issue I’ve had with composite is the quality of the fonts when I go to terminal. It looks more like jibberish than anything else on my HDTV. I’ll try it with another cable this evening. But once I can try it with a few NES roms it should narrow it down I would thing, possible the Pi struggling with emulation for some reason.

    Any chance this could be an issue of overclocking to 950mhz? I’ll try reducing it to a lower setting when I get back this evening…

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    Is it only SNES? Check the config and see what shader it using

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    There shouldn’t be any problems with your overclock, your GPU memory allocation is too much, it should be max 128mb but that shouldn’t cause problems either. It’s a process of elimination, do you have another tv you can try it with? What resolution is your Pi set to in your boot/config.txt ?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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