Issue with controller config in Retropie 3.0 Beta

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    I had everything working perfectly (in terms of controller config) in 2.6, but now that I’m trying 3.0 beta I’m having issues.

    I configured the retroarch joyconfig like always but apparently the new version has some other default control configs that overrides it.

    I noticed for example that many emulators now have by default the start+select combo to go back to ES which is useful, but prevents me from using an external button (directly connected to the Pi) to do this.

    Also these default configs are all messed up (in consoles with 2 main buttons like GB, NES, etc) one of the buttons is assigned to L button for some reason.

    I checked the retroarch.cfg files for each emulator and they don’t have any specific additions, so they should be using the one in the “all” folder which looks exactly like the one I had in 2.6

    It feels like it something simple to fix. Hopefully someone can help me.



    I have a similar problem: my WiiMote doesn’t work in RetroArch anymore after upgrading to RetroPie 3.0 although it does work fine in EmulationStation.

    Even stranger is that f1 and escape don’t work in Retroarch either… When I launch Retroarch from the terminal there are no issues.

    I think it has something to do with other configs being read, but I can’t for the life of me find which ones…



    Just to record my progress:

    It’s the input_enable_hotkey_btn setting that is the culprit. I had it set to a button on the controller (so that I could call the rgui menu from the controller), but for some reason this prevents f1 from working (which it didn’t in the past iirc).

    I’ve also weeded out the myriad of .cfg files, I’ll first set the configs/all/retroarch.cfg file right and then start with the rest of them.



    Yeah. That’s my next step as well. Weeding out cfg files. It’s a hassle because I have to give writing permissions, but it has to be tried.

    In the emulators where the start+select combo is enabled, you can’t use escape to exit (which is most of them). In NeoGeo the combo doesn’t work, but hitting escape does. I already had trouble some months ago with “enable_hotkey” overriding other configs so I don’t use it anymore.

    Edit: /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs has cfg files that override whatever is in retroarch.cfg (as this file draws configs from that folder). There is a config file for my joypad (logitech F310). I’ll try removing or editing that file to see if problem persists.

    There is also a config for Wiimote, so you should check there as well. I’ll post again if it works.



    I removed the cfg file for my joypad and that did the trick (see previous post edit).

    Chack if that works for you laundromat.
    Remove the CFG (or I guess you could change the line “input_autodetect_enable” from true to false in retroarch.cfg.

    Now I just have to check the issue with SNESDev’s reset/shutdown button (which hopefully is the same as the one I had before).



    I have deleted (moved) all the config files. Those that are required, such as the retroarch.cfg in each system directory (/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs), I kept, but I removed everything except line for the general retroarch.cfg file include.

    That clean-up did it for me too. I was able to get to the rgui menu again and set up the controller (+ meta buttons).

    Because I wanted core specific settings, I noticed that there’s now a .cfg file for each core being generated in the core’s system directory. When there’s a problem, I diff that cfg against the general one and that way it’s easy to spot where the problem lies.

    I haven’t tested any non-retroarch emulators yet.

    By the way: I’m glad I did the upgrade. The new GBA core is fantastic.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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