is it safe to rm -R ../RetrpPie-Setup/tmp/build ?

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    after install “from source” using this dir is almost 1GB so if possible I would like to rm it. The name suggests it’s temporary data and can be removed but:
    1. if this is indeed temp data then why it is not removed by the script?
    2. is those are needed libs/bins then why they are in *tmp* dir?




    1. because you might want to change something / re-try a build etc – see ./ – you can run individual steps etc. I may introduce a module to clean this up though, or just clean it up after using the setup gui.



    Perhaps have some config file the setup script uses which by default contains a property that by default is set to clean the tmp dir.

    Would mean for most people it is fine and for people needing something else they only change a config file



    most people should install from binaries imho – there is little reason to build from source as an end user – our binaries are now split, and updated often. but as I said, I will look at adding something to the retropie-setup to clean the directory or a module.

    in the meantime, just rm -rf it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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