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    Hi guys. I am going crazy here.

    I posted this on the emulation station forum but i am also having uses controlling the retropie emulators so i wanted to provide the most information possible.

    The issue I am having is that the IPAC2 (that emulates a keyboard) is not working on the emulators. I can startup NES and use a keyboard with no issues but when using the IPAC and pushing the same buttons it does not work. I also attempted to use retroarch-joyconfig and it detects the IPAC as a ultimarc and starts the configuration process but when it asks for me to input the first key (down) it doesnt set it. It seems to act just like the keyboard. Where i press a key, the character from the keyboard displays, but doesnt proceed to the next button setting.

    I hope i provided enough information and someone is able to help.

    this is what i posted on emulationstations forum:
    “I have installed the latest EmulationStation for my raspberry pie but i can not get my ipac2 to work. The IPAC is suppose to emulate a keyboard but it seems that the emulationstation thinks its game controller.

    The IPAC2 Works correctly on the terminal and even in vi. (I can see the corrected mapped buttons)

    I have a keyboard and the IPAC attached directly to the pies usb ports. I can use the keyboard with no issues but the IPAC does nothing.

    I have even attempted to plug in 2 keyboards to the pie to see what how the ES would handle it. There where no issues at all. I can use either keyboard with no issues and when going into the setup controls in ES it states that no gamepad is attached.
    This makes me think that ES thinks the IPAC is a gamepad and not a keyboard. Is there anywhere i can make the ES recognize the IPAC as a keyboard rather then a gamepad? Or maybe in linux.

    There has to be others that have setup their ES with an IPAC?

    Thank for the help

    I have noticed that when attempting to configure the controller in emulationstation it states that there is one gamecontroller detected.”



    Try to update the firmware on your ipac.
    Its available on Ultimarcs website.
    It worked for me!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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