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    Raygan Kelly

    Hi all.

    I’ve been working hard on a RetroPi in a Macintosh Classic (I’ll be posting about that when I’ve put the finishing touches on) and as a part of that project I’ve put together a guide to getting BasiliskII, a 68k Mac emulator, running on the Raspberry Pi and included in the EmulationStation interface.

    BasiliskII on EmulationStation

    BasiliskII running on the Pi

    It works great, and on my 900mhz overclocked Pi, it emulates a Color Classic at about actual speed. Feels just like a mid-level 68000 machine from the 90s.

    I wrote up the tutorial in three parts.

    Part I – Compiling BasiliskII on the Pi

    Part II – Setting up a Mac disk image

    Part III – Adding the Mac emulator to EmulationStation

    I hope that’s helpful. I’d like to eventually see BasiliskII (and possibly MinivMac, an alternate Macintosh emulator that emulates even older hardware) included in the RetroPie-Setup script.



    Great work mate 🙂 will try this tonight.

    Your pi is at 900mhz, what is your mem split/sdram/arm frequency?




    Raygan Kelly

    I found it worked well at either Medium or High overclock from the raspi-config script. Don’t remember what the actual values I settled on were.



    That looks great!
    Do you also provide the ES theme?
    I already saw the new issue at Github. My plans are to include the emulator in the RetroPie Script at the beginning of the week.


    Raygan Kelly

    I linked to the ES theme part III of my setup guide.

    It’s basically a copy paste of the AppleII theme but with a custom image I created for the purpose. Feel free to set up your own image.


    Raygan Kelly

    Or feel free to use my image of course. It’s just a “happy Mac” icon with a gradient added, plus a couple of Pixelated SNES controllers, which is kind of a logo I created for my PiMac project.

    I’m thinking if you are going to include it in the script, it might be better if I make a version of the theme image without the controllers and just the happy mac. I’ll upload it here this evening.


    Raygan Kelly

    Ok, here ‘ya go. A copy of my theme file without the SNES controller images, which I think should be good for general usage.



    Great – I will add it to the script and downloads!



    I’m also working on a macintosh pi classic, but what screen did you use and where did you get it?

    At the moment I’m retr0brightening the case.


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    Hey there. Thanks for doing this, great idea. But I’ve hit a few problems. I explain it in the thread I started here:

    Basically your instructions work great right up until the ./configure command, when I get an error. I proceeded to enter ./configure without any of the disable / enable options and things seem to go OK. I got as far as entering make, then make install, but at this point in part 2 of your tutorial you say “Start X11 on your Pi. Run BasiliskII and configure its options using the GUI.” and I’m not getting that far. Neither of the commands to start X11 you suggest at the end of part 1 starts the X11 window manager.

    I tried starting over again after I noticed that in an article on GitHub here: it is suggested to enter sudo ./retropie_packages basilisk configure before following your instructions but when I enter that I get the error message sudo: ./retropie_packages: command not found

    I’ve also see that at the very start of your tutorial you suggest entering the directory ~/RetroPie/emulators/ but when I enter this I get the error message -bash: cd: /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/: No such file or directory

    Could you take a look into this please? It would be great to get some of my old Mac software running again. Thanks.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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