i-pac set up – can I do this?

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    I have an arcade cabinet currently using Windows XP and I’d like to switch over to the RetroPie to replace the aging hardware – way less cost than a new PC… My question is how hard is it to set up an I-pac controller in RetroPie?

    I have a slikstik cabinet with a large two player control panel. Dual 8-way joysticks with 6 buttons + neo geo button for 2 players, track ball, spinner, single 4-way joystick. That and more buttons for those other needed locations.

    I’d like to know I can set this controller up. I don’t want to go this route if I loose any use of controls I have. Of course I could just plug it in and see what happens but I thought I’d ask and see if I’d have something good to look forward too for tonight.

    Thanks for any advice.




    I have a miniPac in my cabinet and it works great. I only have sticks and buttons, but in my opinion since the pacs just emulate keyboard and mouse, I don’t see you having any problems.



    I do have an iPac-2 which I have been getting prepared to build into a cabinet with a Pi 2, and I have found that there are actually just a minor quirk or two to deal with. Specifically, the latest builds of retropie are using a Dispmanx-enhanced version of SDL by default for AdvMame, but I found that the games that required the mouse (i.e. Ultimarc spinner/trakball connected to the Ipac-2’s headers) did NOT work with this version of SDL – a mouse cursor appeared (unusual) but I couldn’t get the games to respond to the trak/spinner input. On the Pi 2, I think there’s little reason to use the Mame4all-pi version, the performance of Advmame is now entirely adequate on the Pi2. So I had to edit the advmame.rc file to specify a few things differently:

    “device_video fb” instead of “device_video sdl”, also
    “device_mouse raw” and “device_raw_mousedev[0] /dev/input/mouse0”

    Can’t remember, might’ve also had to set “device_keyboard auto” if it was set to sdl as well.

    Then the analog controls work great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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