Hummingboard Thoughts?

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    For those that haven’t seen the Hummingboard yet, you can view the specs here:

    Would anyone know if there would be issues getting RetroPie to run on this board? I’m assuming there would be some driver problems to resolve, but the speed increase that this board could bring has me intrigued.




    the price is a bit much at $99 minimum. For $65 you can get the odroid U3 i feel they offer a bit more bang for your buck. not sure what hurdles you would come across getting retropie on there, however.



    It would be nice to have a drop in replacement, but I have a feeling it won’t be that easy. I’m happy with the Pi for all of the emulators with the exception of PSX. It runs many of the games well, but some are just too much. It seems the Pi is right on the edge of having enough power to emulate it properly.



    Boy the ODROID is really impressive for the price! I may have to look into that a bit more.



    Geez, that thing emulates PSP games like a dream!



    Hi I have the hummingboard () and have tried installing the equivalent of Retropie on it using Archarm and the following tutorial:

    Most everything worked fine until I got to Emulationstation. I don’t know enough about compiling but I believe the issues I have are because the version of SDL2 available doesn’t include support for EGL? I made a post on SolidRuns forum and Archarm:

    I would be greatful if anyone can offer me some help, I would be happy to share my SD image once it works.

    Any advice?



    You could remove the ARCH SDL2 package and build your own SDL2 package. If cubox supports GLES, configure SDL with GLES support (./configure –disable-video-opengl –enable-video-gles).

    If you have no pi or mali gpu emulationstation must be tweaked to use GLES.
    Line 14 must be changed to:
    set(GLSystem “OpenGL ES” CACHE STRING “The OpenGL system to be used”)



    Thanks for the reply Gizmo98.

    I would like to ask a few questions just so I am clear (I am a total newb to compiling). I am not sure if I meant GLES but I said EGL before.

    1. I believe the hummingboard/cubox supports GLES?
    2. What is a Pi or Mali GPU? Can I just compile emulationstation to use GLES to be safe?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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