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    Hi all

    How do I get DOS games working. I have RetroPie 2.3

    I have tried copying a DOS Game .exe file into ~/RetroPie/roms/pc/
    I’ve also tried the above with a .zip file

    No emulators/games show up in EmulationStation

    Is the IBM emulator the rpix86 DOS emulator? This was showing no games in its list

    Is there something I’m doing wrong?



    I haven’t gotten this far yet, but I am interested to know this answer as well. I thought it was as simple as you have laid out. I might be to working on DOS emulation in a couple days and might have some sort of input then.

    Till then I will watch this thread with anticipation.



    I was under the impression that one couldn’t just add any dos game and get it working…

    I’d like to get Descent up & running if it’s possible…



    I’m also interested in this. I’m trying to run “Raptor: Call of the Shadows” on my Pi, would be great! (Such as Wolfenstein or some classic DOS games that I like)



    I would really like a way to have DOS games in Emulation Station… they’re a hobby of mine. I hope we can figure out a way to do this! Maybe somehow put DosBox in Emulation Station? Any thoughts!?



    Hi All, from what I can tell you need to install DosBox emulator in order to run old school Dos games. This can be done by running the following command:

    sudo apt-get install dosbox

    You will need to run through the setup process to ensure Dosbox is configured properly before you are able to play any games on it. For a full guide please see this link:

    Hope this helps 🙂

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    retropie comes with rpix86 and fastdosbox – I believe they both share the same emulationstation key (a bug), so probably rpix86 is set up by default. “sudo ./ fastdosbox configure” should enable fastdosbox.



    I have recently changed the configs for fastdosbox / ripx86 in retropie so they share the same emulation station menu. However I have more work to do, as I will be replacing fastdosbox with svn dosbox.

    I will also add a configuration in set up for dosbox to switch dispmanx on/off for it.




    Does anyone know if RPi is fast enough to run SCI32 games in DosBox/FastDosBox such as Leisure Suit Larry 7, Space Quest 6 or King’s Quest 7?

    I’ve tried with Larry and can get it to run pretty much ok, sound is fine but animations are a bit slow and sometimes game drops frames.

    I would say it’s playable but it’s just overall slower than I’d like.

    Has anyone got these games to run smoothly? If so what settings did you use in the dosbox.conf?




    im pretty new to these forums … “hello” : ) and a total noob at both retropie and linux but already having a blast.

    i havent tried fastdosbox yet but the rpix86 emu seem to to run at a speed of around 20MHz 80486 (which equals a 40MHz 80386 machine) according to dev page”.
    i run the latest sd image and iv only been fiddling with the default rpix86 to run the dos games i have laying around. For those not getting these to run, all you have to do is put the games in folders in the /opt/retropie/emulators/rpix86/ (and not home/Retropie/roms/pc folder) run rpix, and in the dos promt run them as normal. they work ok at my end that way. havent been able to make them show up in emulationstation yet but i can probably make a multichoice bat file to be called from the file when launching ibm/rpix from the es.
    would be nice to hear of someone has better experience with dosbox though.
    angelus – if they run slow – are those games supported by scummvm btw? worth a shot maybe if they are supported..



    Thanks. I’ll try RPix86 and see if that is any better. I have a feeling that a 40mhz 386/486 is just not enough to run SCI32 full speed. But I’ll have a play around.

    Unfortunately ScummVM does not support SCI32 yet. It can run SCI0 and SCI1 games so Kings Quest 1-6 and Space Quest 1-5 work great but not the latter games.

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