how to make the box art bigger..

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    …Its way to small and you can’t see the box art properly,In Mega CD(SegaCD in US) I am using the pal uk box art..if anyone wants the images i have, I will upload them and help add them..??



    box art is controlled by the md_image value in the individual emulator’s xml file. setting a larger maxSize in the mega cd theme.xml file should allow for the image to be shown at a larger scale.

    		<image name="md_image">
    			<maxSize>0.125 0.301</maxSize>


    I have set the maximum image space used for boxart for each system individually. You say that Mega CD does display the UK boxart too small? I will have a look at it.



    It’s important to note that <maxsize> is only defining how large the image can be. If you have a smaller file, it won’t force a new size.

    Ideally you would batch resize your box art with something like FastStone Photo Resizer ( and then set your dimensions to your new uniform size.

    You should be able to force a new size with <size> instead of <maxsize>, though you will see distortion if you are upscaling the image.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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