How do you change the "button" graphics on ES 2.x?

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    First I have to say, I really love ES 2.x!
    I am using an XArcade TankStick and have mapped all of the emulators to use it.
    I have modified the emulator graphic logo to include the controller layout of the X to show the keys that are being used.
    I would like to be able to modify the graphics at the bottom to show the X button layout for which key to use for start, select, menu, back, etc.
    thus my question, how can i modify these graphics??



    i moved the helpsystem off the screen (using -1 -1) and put up a custom footer image:

    this would be in your main theme xml file, and you would change the size and path properties to suit your build

    	<view name="system, basic, detailed">
    		<helpsystem name="help">
    			<pos>-1 -1</pos>
    		<image name="footer" extra="true">
    			<pos>0 1</pos>
    			<origin>0 1</origin>
    			<size>1 0.065</size>


    Thanks! I will try that out this weekend!



    I am not able to find the assets folder nor the “xml” portion in the theme file.

    I am using ES 2.x.



    Let’s say you are using the Simple Theme

    The XML file would be under


    in that folder should be simple.xml

    As for the assets folder that’s just his naming style, you could name it whatever you want, just create a folder and put the file in there and make sure the folder name you made matches the one in the xml.

    Although if you customize different skins for each system you’d likely need to edit each individual console theme xml as well to match.



    Does anyone know of a way to remove the help bar when the menu is selected. In another post I was hoping to find out how to edit the menu, so altering the help bar with the menu would be awesome.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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