How can I change the P2 controller to Player 1?

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    I have two controllers. A wireless Xbox 360 Controller, which is connected via the official reveiver and a regular USB,2-axis 8-button gamepad (a USB-SNES Gamepad to be more specific).

    I want my Xbox 360 controller always to be Player 1. The problem is that, as the Raspberry Pi detects the USB-SNES-Controller first, it makes the USB,2-axis 8-button gamepad as Player 1.
    In Retroarch it’s easy to solve the problem. You can just switch those controller to make player 1 as player 2 and vice versa.
    Even in the Emulationstation I get it to work, that my Xbox 360 Controller is the main controller.

    But not in Mupen64Plus. I tried to change it in the mupen64plus.cfg and switched the both controllers and but it just don’t work. It always detects the USB,2-axis 8-button gamepad as player 1. And even my changes are overwritten, when I restart the Pi.

    So I’m asking, is there a way to solve this in the mupen64plus config or do I have to change it system wide? The last solution would cleary be the better one, but how to do it? 🙁

    Could someone please help me?
    Thank you!



    For those of us who are inexperienced, can you please explain how you fixed the issue in RetorArch? I have the same issue. I have a wireless bluetooth controller I would like to always be detected as player 1, regardless of whether or not other controllers are plugged in.




    You have to go to /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg and look for the following line and change it like this:

    # If desired, it is possible to override which joypads are being used for user 1 through 8.
    # First joypad available is 0.
    input_player1_joypad_index = 1
    input_player2_joypad_index = 0
    # input_player3_joypad_index = 2
    # input_player4_joypad_index = 3
    # input_player5_joypad_index = 4
    # input_player6_joypad_index = 5
    # input_player7_joypad_index = 6
    # input_player8_joypad_index = 7

    I really wish someone could help me out with my problem. This really bothers me and it seems like no one else has this issue, which is hard to believe. 🙁



    Ok seems I was just blind or stupid or whatever. ^^

    I solved it by myself. I didn’t managed to find a way to change it for the whole system but at least I could change it for the Mupen64Plus.

    All you have to do is to open the /opt/retropie/configs/n64/mupen64plus.cfg

    There you have to search for “[Input-SDL-Control1]” and “[Input-SDL-Control2]”

    First you have to switch the numbers of these both (make [Input-SDL-Control1] to [Input-SDL-Control2] and vice versa)

    Inside of those you have to change the line:

    # Controller configuration mode: 0=Fully Manual, 1=Auto with named SDL Device, 2=Fully automatic
    mode = 2

    You have to change the number from 2 to 1. Otherwise it wont save your changes.

    This will just do the trick. You don’t have to change this line:

    # Specifies which joystick is bound to this controller: -1=No joystick, 0 or more= SDL Joystick number
    device = 1

    It will work anyways. 😉

    One last thing: If you want to exit the emulator, remember that your prefered Controller is J1 and not J0. So you have to enter something like this:

    # Joystick event string for stopping the emulator
    Joy Mapping Stop = "J1B10"

    I hope I can help someone else with this. 🙂




    I have the same problem with 2 USB joystick and button configs I made. Would love the universal fix as well.

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