Hiding all traces of linux prompts/text & Boot video issue

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    I am running the 3.0 release and have been trying to fully hide any traces of prompts and text. First I will go though what I have changed.

    Added the following to /boot/config.txt to remove the boot color spectrum

    Changed the following of /boot/cmdline.txt
    console=tty1 to console=tty3
    And added the following to the end to remove all boot text
    loglevel=3 quiet logo.nologo

    The above always works fine for me. After this I would really like to hide all text when a emulator is started. So as far as I am able to get is doing the following.

    Added the following to /opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh to show a black image instead of any text during the emulator startup.
    sudo fbi -T 2 -once -t 20 -noverbose -a -l /home/pi/Shared/loading.list

    The loading.list contains

    When testing this works half the time. I still sometimes see the entire boot sequence and sometimes it shows just a black screen. When I tried with another color other than black I noticed that sometimes the image only takes the bottom half of the screen.

    Should I be using this in something other than the runcommand.sh?


    For the boot video the issue I have noticed in the final release is the video is not allowed to fully play. Instead it just cuts off and then I am stuck with a longer emulationstation loading screen.



    See the comments on this video as well for hiding text as emulators load:



    and here’s the solution to getting the video to play all the way through:




    I am still getting a blinking underscore cursor when I change
    [ “tty” = “/dev/tty1” ] && emulationstation
    [ “tty” = “/dev/tty1” ] && clear && emulationstation > /dev/null 2>&1

    It is much better though.

    As for the video the the solution has a flaw.
    while pgrep omxplayer &>/dev/null; do sleep 1; done
    That is causing emulationstation to not start loading until the video is finished playing resulting in a short boot sequence which the video was hiding plus the video allows the emulationstation loading screen to no be shown as long.



    Its probably about as good as it will get right now Unless you’re able to come up with something better.



    @sekazi: I got the same strange behavior when using fbi.
    Try adding “/home/pi/Shared/loading.png” two times to the file loading.list.
    For me the black image is shown all of the time until now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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