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    Hey all!

    I’m pretty new to the Raspberry Pi and Linux so I’m hoping I can get a little bit of help with my setup. I downloaded and used the SD card image to setup a fresh copy of RetroPie. I’ve got everything up and running, but I’m having a little bit of difficulty (or confusion?) with a PS3 controller.

    My bluetooth dongle is functioning and I can sync my controller with the dongle. I’ve event got it semi-functioning with RetroPie. I tried installing the needed bluetooth dependencies and such manually, but had no success. Then I happened to stumble upon the option to install them through the setup script and that seemed to work with no issues. However, I’ve read from various sources about setting up a “default profile” for the controller, and this is where I’m stuck.

    I entered the command:
    sudo nano /var/lib/sixad/profiles/default
    from the “MyPi&I” tutorial and put in the parameters listed, but after rebooting it doesn’t seem like any of these have taken effect. The lights on my controller still blink, the pressure buttons are still active, the accelerometer is still active, and there seems to be no timeout. I’m not entirely sure where I’ve went wrong with this or if maybe it’s included in the setup script and I’m missing something?

    Would anyone be able to help me out with this?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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