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    I am able to setup the keyboard as a controller in Retropie. I have my rom of Yar’s Revenge that I’m trying. I’m able to start the game using the A button, but inside the game, only the down arrow works. It fires whenever I click the down button. That is the direction down. But if I click any of the other directions, it exits the game and goes back to the screen that says SELECT. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.



    It ran ok for me, my rom is in the directory (in RetroPie 2.4)

    Both my keyboard and joypad worked fine with up,down,left,right and the fire button.

    By default the retroarch keys are:

    input_player1_a = x
    input_player1_b = z
    input_player1_y = a
    input_player1_x = s
    input_player1_start = enter
    input_player1_select = rshift
    input_player1_l = q
    input_player1_r = w
    input_player1_left = left
    input_player1_right = right
    input_player1_up = up
    input_player1_down = down

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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