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    Hi guys,

    I should be able to do this with my eyes closed but for the life of me I can’t figure out why a new installation of retropi is not working for me.

    I have reimaged the card 11 times, with 2.3 and also with 2.4.2. Nothing.
    2.4.2 doesn’t even boot. It dies half way of booting with an error. But it is BETA so that’s OK. 2.3 installs and runs just fine. I get the Welcome screeen and that I have no controllers which is true. Just a keyboard and mouse attached. But the keyboard, nor the mouse, nor the ethernet work at all. Nothing.

    I can swap cards with my raspbmc installation and everything works like a charm. No issues what so ever.

    Any ideas what can be going on here?

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    sounds VERY strange. this could be an issue of writing the image to the card or perhaps even something with the card itself…

    press all of the F# keys with your keyboard when you’re at the screen that says you don’t have any controller

    alternatively… add a controller and see if that lets you past

    now for the 2.4.2 beta… everything should be working fine, i’ve tested it and it loads up perfectly. i’m using “Pi Filler” which is a mac app but there are likely dozens of comparable out there. try some other method/app to write the image

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    Try a different power supply, try a different SD card. If there’s no change it might be your Pi – try booting it with plain Raspbian.

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    Thanks. Yes. Pressed and clicked everything I can find. Nothing.

    Interestingly enough, when the system is booting I have keyboard, mouse and Ethernet. I can type and I can ping my address. As soon as the logo comes up, everything goes dead. Only one red light. Nothing more flashes. Then the welcome window shows and that is it. Done.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any controllers so, I can’t try that. But all the usb ports are dead, so I don’t think I’ll make a difference.

    I have burned the image over 11 times, with fresh formats in between, with RPI-sd card builder and with ApplePi-Baker. It makes no difference. I have tried an old SD card that has always worked, and a brand new card I had my perfectly working raspbmc on. No difference.

    Any other suggestions? This is very frustrating.

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    Yes, thanks again. Three PS tried. All of them over 1A. A couple SD tried as well. No luck.

    Again, everything works great with raspbian and raspbmc.

    All lights come up, keyboard mouse and network just fine. Just not under retro. 🙁

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