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    Ok, I have just installed Retro Pi OS On my RPI B+ and have not yet booted it up. I have an 8 Way Joystick ( and Some (20 or More) Arcade Machine Buttons ( How Do I “Wire” the Joystick and button to it. (I am making an “Bar Top” Arcade Machine) I have no clue what to start with. I have used the RPI For a while but not for anything like This. I AM A NOOB!!!!!!! 😛

    Do not be afraid to go in to depth in what to do. THANKS!!!!!!!!

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    Cool project! I started something like it a few years ago, but didn’t have a raspberry pi at the time.

    For the sake of portability (and because I haven’t mucked around with the GPIO pins on the pi yet), I would wire it up to another controller with a USB on it. Something like this, though I can’t confirm its compatibility with the pi:

    That way, if you get frustrated or bored with using the raspberry pi, you can just plug the USB into another machine without having to completely rewire. From there it would just be a matter of plugging it in and configuring your emulators to recognise the buttons.

    I ended up wiring my arcade buttons up to the PCB of an old wired Xbox 360 controller as an obsession with street fighter 4 took hold. This is a pain in the arse, and I would not wish it upon anyone.

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    Or you could invest in an ipac2 keyboard encoder! Im using one on a coffee table arcade I made. Made wiring everything so much easier. Go to

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    Also, the ControlBlock might be very interesting for you. It is intended especially for RPi Arcade Machine Projects:

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    I’m having trouble. first of all, retro pi image 2.3 is taking foooorever to download.I downloaded the torrent and successfully was able to get the file after a virus outbreak on my laptop thanks to bitcommet. copied to my sd card, plugged everything in to the raspberry and booted but no image appeared. just downloaded the beta image for retropie. my questions are, can I first boot using a wifi adapter or does it have to be with an Ethernet cable?
    also I have ps3 knockoff wireless controller, will it work? replies would greatly help thank you

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    Thanks for the replies! I still net a lay out of where to plug the wires in to the pi.

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    you could wire the joystick and buttons (20? why?) directly to the Pi. This guy shows exactly how to do that

    But as chdez77076 said, I recommend you buy an iPac to offload this to a different circuit. The Pi would see the iPac as a keyboard. It would make this process much easier and cleaner.

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    I did basically the same thing using parts from X-Arcade and two wired USB controllers. I actually made it to use with my Xbox 360 a few years ago, but it happens to be perfect for the Pi.
    ^^ my other hobby

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    Thanks, I think I will try to use the USB Method. 🙂

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