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    I recently updated to retropie v2.6. Under retropie v2.3 I had all my gpio buttons working with Retrogame. Also 2 buttons that are connected tot gpio 30 and 31 on header p5.

    Now under retropie v2.6 the buttons connected to gpio 30 and 31 dont seem to work.

    Has something changed? Do I need to activate header p5 or something?

    Looking forward to some tips or suggestions!



    Okay when I simultaneously press a different button then the two that are connected to header P5 (gpio 30 and 31 and ground 1 en 2 of P5) and one of the buttons that are connected to P5, that button ‘fires’.

    So It looks like gpio 30 and 31 one are not reacting to the grounds of header P5 but to the ground op the main header P1.

    I checked my wires but there are no lose connections. And when I install my sd card with the old retropie, the buttons work? So I’m pretty sure its not a hardware problem.

    Do the grounds on P5 have to be activated?



    Problem solved:

    I added “device_tree=” to /boot/config.txt, turning of the device tree. Now all gpio buttons work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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