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    Hi there,

    I want to build a gaming station with RetroPie and have some questions about the hardware. I want to use following parts:

    – RPi 2 Model B with heat sink
    – UPS Pico with FAN kit
    – Toshiba 32GB micro SD card
    – ASUS mini Bluetooth adapter
    – ASUS mini WLAN adapter
    – ModMyPi Modular RPi 2 Case (http://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/cases/modmypi-single-colour/modmypi-modular-rpi-b-plus-case-blue)

    To prevent SD card file corruption when plugging out power cable I want to use UPS Pico to ensure safe shutdown. For overclocking I want to use the Pico FAN kit also. Do you think these parts are a good choice? I cannot see any holes in the ModMyPi case that could be used for a optimal air flow – does anyone has some tips?



    I cannot really eval your components, since I do not own any of them – except the RPi2 of course, with heatsink. Another important componentent is the power supply, should at least provide 2A, I use the official one.

    Regarding the USV + Fan Kit: I guess the heatsink applied on the broadcom should not be too high, because the fan is mounted below the Hat pcb. Personally I would watch the temperature of the overclocked RPi2 first, maybe you do not need a active cooling. Depends how high you want to clock, of course.

    And the USV may be an idea, if your use-case is “plug out the cable to shut down”. Just as an alternative, the are also those Mausberry Circuits:

    I never had issues with sd card corruption (RPi2 + Samsung 32 evo card). What I do against sd corruption worst case proactively is:
    – mount the boot partition read-only (remount rw for updates)
    – use tempfs for /var/log (heavy write, I dont need them after power cycle)
    – use “noatime” for all mounts (I dont care for access times)
    – disabled swapping, unsure whether it was on anyway
    – activated fs check every 3 boots for sd partition
    – connected a button to GPIO that calls “poweroff” (like mausberry)
    – maybe nobrainer: backup relevant files (manually, externally)

    There are many howtos for that changes, unfortunately I cannot find the one I used to give credit. So here is another one:

    Stopping SD Card Corruption on Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian

    For GPIO button shutdown / exit emulators I started with Ronan’s nespi.py script:

    Exit emulators via gpio signal?

    Retro gaming, rpg and adventure fan. arduino and raspberry tinkerer.



    Of course, there is also the ControlBlock (http://blog.petrockblock.com/2014/12/29/controlblock-power-switch-and-io-for-the-raspberry-pi/) that also could take care for safe shutdowns 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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