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    So, i got my raspberry pi loaded with retroPie and some roms (mostly pokemon and zelda)
    I got gpsp working with my xbox controller and everything works so far

    But i was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and i couldnt save in game – i testet it on other emulators on my phone and pc and i also cant save there
    So i went into the gpsp menu and wantet to save via the “save on slot: X” function
    But i cant get it to work…
    I can press save as often as i want but it wont save it

    And thats my problem: i can’t figure out how to use the “save on slot: X” function

    I googled and looked on the forum and couldnt find anything

    I would really appreciate any help 🙂

    Ps. If there is already a post about this please link it and close this thread 😉



    Soo, nobody has an answer?

    Why are savestates here if you cant use them?



    I’m gonna try giving full permission to everything related to gpsp
    Lets see how that goes

    Ps. Am i alone with this problem?



    i need a solution for this!
    Otherwise i cant play anything 🙁



    Giving permissions didnt work 🙁
    i also cant find a Config file for the gpsp emulator

    and i did EVERYTHING i could possibly do!
    NOTHING works and the savestate options dont do ANYTHING1



    Same issue, here. gpsp cannot find the save states that I have on the pi. When I browse for a save state to load (while running the emulator), when I look in the folder where my save is located, gpsp doesn’t see anything.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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