GP-Wiz40 Joysticks not working

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    I’m replacing a very old windows netbook running mame .146 with the raspberry pi b+ RetroPie sdcard install and I’m running into an issue with the controls. jtest sees the joysticks and the buttons just fine, but neither mame nor emulationstation can see the joysticks (the buttons work fine). When I use tab to get into the config menu inside mame4all, I can’t map the joysticks to any of the controls. Is the GP-Wiz not supported, or am I missing something very silly? I’ve spent hours on this now and have exhausted all the google tricks and tips I can find. Since jtest seems to work ok, I’m chalking this up to a mame4all issue. I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer to get this working. I’ve spent days replacing a perfectly good (if old and slow) and working system with the RPi just for a fun project, but it’s turning into a nightmare at this point 😉

    I should point out that I am using the GP-Wiz40 because I’ve made a mame cabinet with happ controls and am using the gpwiz to map the arcade joysticks into usb joysticks/buttons. I can’t be the only one doing this, can I?

    Thanks all!

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