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    I’m using GnGeo to emulate NeoGeo roms but I notice it doesn’t have a feature I’ve seen in other NeoGeo emulators that use the Unibios: the ability to select region,AES or MVS mode or enable cheats. Is there any way to get this working in GnGeo?

    I’m using the latest version of RetroPie (I think), 2.3, and used the 2.3 disk image available on this site. My bios/rom files that I’ve tested are seemingly correct are playable with few problems other than this and some very minor graphical hitches.

    If MAME (which, correct me if I’m wrong is compatible with the following games: could use the Unibios and allow console mode with cheats then I might just try to get that working instead but my experience with the PC version of MAME made me think this might not be possible.



    Setting GnGeo’s cfg file I can set it to Unibios and get it working just fine, holding A+B+C at game startup. I can access the cheats with A+B+C+D+START during the game. Sadly I can’t set per-game control layouts but since it’s NeoGeo and all games use 1-4 buttons I’m happy to leave that as is on my SNES style pads.

    Sadly the emulation doesn’t seem 100% but that’ll come closer in future GnGeo versions I expect. Should FBA allow per-game control layouts in the future I might switch over to that but in the meantime this is fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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