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    Hello everyone! 🙂

    I cannot get the Gameboy Advance Emulator that came with the RetroPie v2.3 and EmulationStation image to run a game. It keeps telling me it needs “gba_BIOS.bin” in the same directory as gpSP. I opened up Startx, found the file online that matched the size and name exactly, and started hunting for the emulator directory. Problem is, I don’t see much in the way of any of the emulator files. Where are those located, exactly?
    I’m using an image file downloaded from EmulationStation’s main site. I’ve gotten everything installed, configured, and running; it’s a little laggy on audio with minor distortion, but actual gameplay doesn’t seem to be affected much, if at all. <– I think I’ve read something here about this, so I’ll keep looking for that. I think it had to do with overclocking of the Pi beyond the 800Mhz.

    Edit: I was following this page:

    but the address it gave wasn’t matching mine.
    /home/pi/retropie there is no folder named emulators. This is what I am talking about, I cannot seem to find anything directly related to the emulators, and yet they function within Emulationstation (except the Game Boy Advance)

    Editedit: Yes, I do have show hidden enabled.
    Thanks in advance! I’m willing to donate for support on this, as it’s important to me that this runs NES, SNES, and GBA.
    Please help!


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    The location is:


    Just place the bios in there and boom. GBA works.

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    nm. Thanks very much!

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    I tried copying the bios to such folder but it would not let me do so.

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    Is there a way to configure your controller for the GBA, as I cannot find a cfg file anywhere.

    Never-mind, figured it out.
    Run the emulator. press F10 to configure controller. Can even open the menu via controller after configuration which is very handy.

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    Ok total noob here so hopefully someone can break it down to me. When I look I don’t have any opt file its pi. When I go into that file I only have bios and roms. I know I’m a knucklehead but hopefully someone can help.

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    @jusdoncarebear by Default your in your home-folder. so if you type
    ls -lah
    you can see the files and the Folders in your home Folder.
    you can Change the Directory via
    (Change Directory + foldername or path to folder)
    as the opt-folder is not in your home directory but in the root-directory you could Change to the root-directory via
    cd /
    if you type
    ls -lah
    again, you can see all the Folders in your root-directory (also opt).
    to go to the opt Folder just type
    cd opt
    then you could type ls again to see the files and Directorys in there.
    alternativly try to type
    cd opt and hit the tab-button on your Keyboard multiple times. it will Show you the Folders in opt, so you can go quickly to a subfolder.
    Hope this makes it more clearly

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    I finally got it thank you so much cortex

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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