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    Hey guys I encountered an issue a few days ago where RP 3.0 beta 2 was not loading correctly. I thought I may have had a corrupted image so I formatted and started with RP 3.0 RC1 which I am on now. What happens is when I attempt to select a emulator menu (to select games) emulation station freezes. I can still access the Pi by SSH but I cant load the games I wanted. Any tips?
    The strange thing is that it is infrequent, and usually happens in the emulation station front end, never in a a game.

    One last thing if it helps I see that my board is around 45.5C 46C usually is this too high?
    I hope my board didn’t go bad or something.



    That isnt running too hot… You could get some small heat sinks just in case. How many systems/ROMs do you have set up? After around 15 or 18 systems ish emulation station started to freeze on me as well, I removed a few systems and it worked fine again.



    You may need to increase your GPU memory allocation. Do you know what it is currently set as?

    I have problems at around the 18 emulators mark but increasing my GPU allocation to 512mb sorted me out instantly and I’m now running about 24 (including Kodi and the retropie settings).

    Hope this helps.



    Hmm that may be it I just crossed 19 (not that I use that many) And I do suppose that my problems started on RP 3.0 B2 after I added some pcengine games. I had the split at 512 there as well, I will try that tonight and get back to you guys. Great suggestions!

    Also those temps are with heat sinks on.



    Ok well that seems to have done it! Thanks all! I suppose I can always kick ScummVm off if it comes down to it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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