First timer…can't start a game. Help!

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    I’m brand new to retropie, so I’m sorry if this is out of line. I did a bunch of google’ing trying to find the issue but have not had any luck at all.

    I’m running the latest version of RetroPie v3. All I’m trying to do for starters, is get SNES up and running. I had no issues at all configuring my PS3 controller and making it work via Bluetooth. That was quick, and easy. Once that was done I transferred a few of my roms over to the /RetroPie/roms/snes folder and booted it up. SNES didn’t appear. So i went and checked the config file and realized that the .7z extension was missing. So i added it, and rebooted again. BAM…all the roms showed up. Now when i went to run a game i end up getting an error. The es_systems.cfg is completely stock except for .7z and .7Z additions for SNES extensions.

    EDIT: I attached a crappy quality photo of the error…sorry, I had focus issues with my phone.

    Press a key (or joypad button 0) to configure launch options for emulator/port (lr-snes9x-next). Errors will be logged to /tmp/runcommand.log

    Then after a second or less…this comes up:
    Sound Buffer size: 16504 (4098 samples)

    Then this:

    Then it just goes back to the SNES section in emulationstation.

    Any idea?? I also want to note that i tried changing all the extensions from .7z to .zip, and i get the exact same errors about, except it never gets to “Map_LoROMMap” part. It stops at the sound buffer spot.

    System Config for SNES:

        <fullname>Super Nintendo</fullname>
        <extension>.smc .sfc .fig .swc .mgd .zip .bin .SMC .SFC .FIG .SWC .MGD .ZIP .BIN .7z .7Z</extension>
        <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ snes %ROM%</command>



    Two things: I dont know how well retroarch reads .7z files if at all- to eliminate any doubt extract them with 7zip.

    Also the snes emulator had some bugs that were fixed. update your setup script and reinstall lr-snes9x-next from option 5 I believe. see this video if there is any confusion:



    Thanks so much for the reply. I will try this when i get home, and report back!



    I just did this update because I had a similar question.

    What form of file goes in the SNES rom folder? I have a lot of .7z files. When I unzipped them, I get a folder with multiple files, when uploaded creates a clickable rom that then shows like 10 options for the game.

    Is there a simpler way?




    Good call.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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