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    Hi, Noob here so looking for some help! I’ve got a RPi2, and I wanted to run retropie. I got a new 16gb SD card. I formatted it and put the retropie image v3.6 on. I put it in the pi and got a load of commands, then the RetroPie splash screen with the joystick. It then said “First boot – resizing file system” or something along those lines.

    It then rebooted, but I got some errors and it just froze with a $ prompt, but I couldn’t type anything in.

    Here’s a link to an image with the errors:

    Errors of note were:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::filesystem::filesystem_error’

    df: warning: cannot read table of mounted file system: No such file or directory

    Under that in orange it says File system size 2.3G, used 2.2G, avail 0 used 100%.

    Weird as it’s a 16gb card. It’s a decent one, Sandisk class 10.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Maybe I got a fake SD card? It’s from Amazon. Sandisk Ultra 16gb class 10. I just ran H2testw on it and although the test succeeded OK the speeds look suspicious to me:

    Write speed: 5.86 MByte/s
    Read speed: 11.6 MByte/s

    Could that be the cause of my issues? It’s the only card I have at the moment unfortunately.

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    Yeah, I’m having that same problem as well. I have a Pi 2, and a 32gb card. It’s an older one (A-data maybe?) but I’ve always used it for my Retropie system and it’s been great.

    My card passed using h2testw as well.

    I’m getting the same exact errors that you are running build 3.6. I went ahead and put 3.5 back on, and it works great. So I’m fairly sure it isn’t the card. I’d try putting 3.5 on and seeing if that helps you out. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply. I got an 8gb card from my friend’s Pi, put the same image on and it worked fine. I then copied that image over to the 16gb card, and at first it seemed ok, but then it crashed with a “bus error” so I decided the card was bogus. I got a replacement card from the seller, and had my suspicions confirmed. The new 16gb was even slower in h2testw, with a write speed of just 3.4 MByte/s. I formatted it and it said it was a 60gb card! So definitely something suspicious. Serves me right for getting a cheaper card!!

    So anyway I’m up and running with a decent card now, on v3.6. The whole retropie experience is great!!! I just need to sort out the controls now…thinking of getting an old style microswitch arcade stick and some buttons.

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