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    So I’ve finally finished (For the most part at least) My Retropie setup. Until I can invest some more cash into it I’ll be stuck with running SNES and GBA titles due to lack of storage and overclocking ability (Don’t wanna kill it).

    I’ve just configured my snes controller to exit all of the emulators via hold the select button and hitting the start button but I’ve noticed that the GBA emulator has it’s own configs and doesn’t seem to have any support for this.

    Has anyone found a hack around this? I’m happy to save and hit a button off my controller but I’d like to not have to unplug my pi and wait for it to boot each time. Any thoughts would help!



    In the menu, you can assign a joystick button to launch the menu. I believe I have Select launch the menu. From there you can save/load states, edit controls, or exit the emulator.
    Maybe it’s Select + R or something. I would have to check at home tonight.



    yeah, I believe with GBA its Select + R (Right Bumper?)
    You will then see a menu, you can select “Exit” from there as well as many other things




    I have an old NES controller so no R key, looks like I’ll have to pick up an xbox controller I suppose

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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